Enjoy the evenings by the fireplace with your friend

Do you already have an idea of your vacation? You do not want to take a long trip to the sea, but would you like to stay in the Czech Republic or better know Slovakia? Then you will surely appreciate our offer and our chalets and cottages.
Chalets and Cottages-this is a phenomenon, which are famous for Czechs and Slovakia. Our company has been dealing with their lease for many years.
Chalets and cottages and their selection
Our database contains various chalets and cottages or other recreational objects. You can choose from a few hundred such objects. If you already have an idea of equipment or localization, then you can use accelerated search by categories. Of course, you can choose from your own specifications. If the information provided on our website is not sufficient, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you with your choice because we know all objects.