Preparations for the new school year

When I was getting ready for the first meeting with my students this year, I was worried about what they would say on my new hairstyle. Of course, I haven't underestimated the preparations for the first school day and have prepared. Apart from the fact that I made a great hair, I set my face so that it was without a single defect, but looked natural. I was not allowed to forget to properly adjust the nails, but again so that they were natural. I do not want to awaken in children the desire for colored nails or expressive makeup. I will never forgive the preparation of garments. I always try to look serious, and that's why I chose my favorite costume on this first day. Clearly it is advisable to look really neat. Children then have more respect from someone who is polite, suitably and tastefully dressed.
Getting started!
I forgot to pack my beige purse, in which I wrapped my teacher's diary, pencil, lip gloss, hand cream and other necessary things. The first hour did not happen anything interesting. The children were absolutely not interested in my new hairstyle, nor modified nails. The only thing I was wondering is how to upset me the very first hour.