Vehicle Rental

Our car rental company has extensive coverage throughout the Czech Republic. We are really the cheapest, but the services we provide you at the highest level. We are available to customers nonstop, all year round, also on holidays and weekends.
Car rental will charge you a car rental rate from the moment our vehicle leaves the rental site. Vehicle rental will end when the car is returned. The rate is calculated for 24 hours, so the car must be returned to the same hour of the day as it was lent. Otherwise, it would begin to charge another day of the lease.
Required refundable Deposit
We require a refundable security deposit from customers, which is at higher 2000 to 5000 CZK, according to the category of the car. In any case, our car rental company does not have the vehicles glued to any advertisement, so it is not possible to know that it is a rented vehicle.