Month: May 2019

The myth of high prices

Have you ever heard of so-called Euro-Windows? If not, you should correct your mistake as the euro windows are one of the most widespread ways to ensure a beautiful view from your dwelling. Do not hesitate to buy them today. The phenomenon of new wooden windows is spreading through the world as an avalanche that …

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Floating floors

You are thinking about getting a new floor covering in your home or apartment. Do you expect it to be a great way to insulate the heat, so it will save you some money for the heating, even the acoustic isolation of the high level and will not spread the noise, will be slightly maintainable, …

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Get your car glass replaced

Smaller abrasions and larger cracks on the glass of your vehicles do not necessarily mean replacing the entire glass. Using high-quality technical tools, it is now possible to remove defects on the surface of the glass within a few dozen minutes, so that the glass will regain its tightness and firmness. Contact our company with …

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